About us

As a young start-up company from 2020, we rely on a flexible and ambitious team, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Micha Wattenberg

Founder & Developer

Alexander Maschek

Social Media Marketing

Leon Fiebig

Developer & Analyst

Maximilian Weilandt

Players Manager

Manuel Schramm

Photo- & Videographer



The MyDartCoach player podcast

Behind The Board - the MyDartCoach player podcast offers you exclusive insights into the darts circus. Ricardo Pietreczko (Tourcard winner 2022), Felix Knappe and Luis Jansen report first-hand about the PDC stage, from the Pro Tour to the Challenge Tour and the Development Tour.
You will be taken on a journey behind the board and behind the scenes and learn exclusive insights, stories, anecdotes, tips and tricks!


Johannes Lipsius

Mental Coach

Johannes Lipsius is a trained and professional mental coach with whom MyDartCoach has been working since 2022. Due to his many years of experience in (semi-)professional tennis and his studies in sports science, Johannes brings know-how with which he supports Team MyDartCoach. The players from our team are enthusiastic about his coaching sessions and work hard together with Johannes on their mental strength.

If you are interested in a mental coaching workshop or similar, please check out Johannes' website.


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